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About Oak Road Studio

Deb and Hal Schwartz are hobbyists in ceramics and watercolor painting respectively with a goal to enjoy retirement and continue to be lifelong learners.  They invite you to join them in their journey and experience the joy that creativity brings!

Oak Road Studio began after Deb retired from teaching elementary school and Hal retired from the dairy business.  After four years of pottery classes, Deb decided to create a business to market the products she produced.  A space was needed in which to work;  therefore, what began with the idea of purchasing a small shed, ended with a somewhat larger two-story Amish built pole barn!  Deb occupies the space below for her pottery studio and Hal uses the second floor for his painting studio. 


Hal began painting during the blizzard of '78 when he was snowed-in on the farm!  He thought painting would be fun and discovered he had the talent to do it although he won't admit it!  He participated in several adult education classes to sharpen his skills.


The couple are appreciating retirement and love sharing this space with family and friends who like to get together to create!

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